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Dream jobs for migrants in Australia: How to land your ideal role

“Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.” – George S. Patton

Every year, thousands of people come to Australia in search of new opportunities. Anyone who is willing to work hard and embrace change can achieve their goals in this exciting country.

Australia is ranked among the top three countries in the world for quality of life, and it’s no surprise when you consider its best features, including education and work opportunities, great healthcare and happy citizens. (Source:

Australia: Options for all kinds of skilled workers

Almost every industry in Australia employs international workers in one capacity or another. From short-term, contract jobs to career positions, migrants play a key role in Australia’s current economy and its future growth.

If you’re interested in finding skilled employment in Australia, the following industries offers some of the best opportunities for migrants with different the right qualification skill experience sets:

  • Health and aged care: These sectors are critical to Australia’s economy and welfare. Opportunities will always be available in these industries for talented workers with specialised skills. Some examples of jobs in these industries include doctors, Specialist nurses, Midwives, Allied Health workers, Occupational Therapist,  Clinical psychiatrist ,  Aged care nurses and Disabled care nurses Workers and hospital maintenance workers.
  • Construction and engineering: There is a constant need in Australia for people to design, build and maintain infrastructure. There are many opportunities in major infrastructure projects, commercial and residential construction and contracting, as well. Skilled workers can find jobs in these industries as general contractors, engineers, architects, maintenance workers, construction workers and office employees.
  • Hospitality and trades: Talented trade workers are a necessity in population hubs as well as rural parts of Australia. Some examples of jobs in this space include chefs, carpenters, plumbers and form workers.
  • Information technology: Australian tech companies are always scouting for the latest innovative and creative workers. There are countless opportunities available for workers with technical skills. Some examples of these roles include tech entrepreneurs, computer programmers, data analysts, support specialists, software developers, IT manufacturers, researchers, data science professionals and artificial intelligence experts.
  • Professional services: Migrants contribute greatly to the professional services industry in Australia. There’s always a need for marketing managers, data scientists, programmers, consultants and other similar professions.

Getting the job you want in Australia

Finding a good job can be challenging. First, you have to be aware of opportunities that suit your abilities and personality, and then you have to persuade hiring managers that you’re the best candidate for the job.

In Australia, job searching is often fast-paced and competitive. Employers look for certain qualifications and backgrounds (educational and professional) when filling jobs, and personality and culture are also a significant part of the job search.

At the Global Talent Management Agency, we help highly skilled international talent find the best work opportunities for their abilities and passions. With our connections to employers across the country, our clients benefit from a network that can take years for an individual to build. We follow a proven methodology to help you get the job of your dreams[5] [6] , relocate and integrate successfully.

We have a unique GTA  Candidate Success Framework that is evidence based and consists of:

  1. Strategy – Positioning yourself and giving you confidence in the international talent process by having the right solutions in place from the very beginning to secure your dream role with a great Australian business.
  2. Source – Sourcing quality roles for you, in multiple and appropriate markets, to deliver you with the best-fit shortlist and make sure you are paid what you are worth.
  3. Support – Smart immigration solutions, Visa management, compliance and personal support. We understand the immigration system, which saves you time and money.
  4. Selection – Our “evidence-based recruitment” methodology makes our process substantially more effective at selecting the right-fit position and career move for you. We work with you on your success in the role, company and community.
  5. Success – Successfully onboarding you into your chosen company and your new community.

Let’s work together to make sure you get opportunities your deserve

We care about the positive impact we create for our candidates and employers. Our motto is a talented candidate placed is a life changed, while helping companies to build a meaningful workplace through innovation, growth and diversity.

If you want to expand your career and gain a competitive advantage with a great Australian employer, we can do great things together.

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