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Grow your business: How to hire global talent successfully in 5 steps

Hiring can be a major pain point for business owners. The right employees drive profitability, boost productivity and help catapult your business to a new level. But the wrong employees can be a drag on progress and may waste resources or ruin your team dynamic.

The best people to work in your business will not necessarily be on your doorstep. Which is why an international approach to talent sourcing is relevant to all businesses regardless of size.

In 2019 alone, more than 534,000 people migrated to Australia, many of whom were on work visas (Source: ABS). In 2018, around 16,000 people came to Australia on employer-sponsored work visas.

However, even with abundant resources and strong hiring processes, many business owners shy away from global hiring because of the complexities involved.

The biggest question that keeps them awake is  – What if I get this wrong?

If you approach international hiring with a well-proven, tested framework  – and professional support – you will be rewarded with many opportunities.

How to hire global talent successfully in 5 steps

At Global Talent Agency (GTA), we help businesses navigate the international hiring process from start to finish, and work closely with global talent and great Australian businesses to help them find incredible new opportunities and talent.

Global hiring is highly beneficial for businesses as well as migrants as companies can tap into our highly skilled talent pool, while migrants can put their skills to use in a new, opportunity-filled place where they are valued.

We have designed a successful and detailed evidence-based process that we follow in order to source the best candidate for your business – and we have a 100% client-satisfaction rate. Our five-pronged approach is as follows:

  1. Strategy – Together with you, we develop a unique global talent strategy for your business, identifying global markets from which highly skilled professionals can be accessed to solve local needs. Every business has different priorities, and through our robust network of partners, we can help you find the best sources of talent.
  2. Source – We source candidates with suitable skills and experience from multiple appropriate markets for the best-fit shortlist of people who are work-ready for Australia. We do the heavy lifting for you by helping candidates gain mandatory skills assessments from the relevant Australian authorities so that you don’t run into costly delays.
  3. Selection – We utilise the latest in tools and technologies to offer an “evidence-based” approach, which is more successful in selecting the right fit for you as an employer or employee. Data is important to us, and we analyse it thoroughly to ensure that you’re well-informed and prepared to make data-backed hiring decisions.
  4. Support – With our end to end process, we provide integrated immigration solutions at every stage of the process, managing the visa grant, compliance and relocation support. And we’re always available when you need us for questions or extra assistance – we’re committed to going above and beyond for our clients.
  5. Success – We know how critical it is to have the individuals. Successfully settling and onboarding your talent into the company and the community. Any business owner knows that employee success goes far beyond the hiring paperwork. After you’ve selected the right people for your needs, we’ll help them get settled and provide guidance throughout the onboarding process.

What to do next to find the best talent

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.” Mark Twain

The first step toward serious progress is to take action and get in touch with us to positively impact the world together.

We want to see you have an impact as a great Australian business while helping you to build a meaningful workplace for your talent. If you have considered hiring global talent to expand your business with the best people from every corner of the globe, we can do great things together.

Get in touch with Amit Thapa, the founder of Global Talent Agency, today to see how we can bring your global talent solution to life and accelerate your business.

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