Aged care staffing shortages solved

Stay ahead of staff quotas with a reliable source of quality carers.

Global Talent Agency provides a benchmark international talent solution for aged care providers looking to fill skills gaps in their care teams.

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Finding skilled care workers is a
challenge for aged care providers

Aged care in Australia has been under the microscope due to poor performance resulting in the Aged Care Royal Commission, and the creation of the new Aged Care Standards. While the standards cover all aspects of aged care, one of the most significant impacts is staffing requirements and the increase in the number of care hours an individual is mandated to receive from the care team.

The new quotas came into force in July 2023, putting added pressure on aged care providers to ensure they have adequate skilled care staff numbers to meet the requirements.

For providers who want to meet or exceed these care quotas, finding and securing talent is challenged by low numbers of locally available candidates.

In addition, the pool of available people has been diluted by other health-related organisations who require a workforce with the same skill set as aged care. Aged care providers who are unable to fill the required positions, are running dangerously below capacity, with some at risk of having to close their doors altogether.

With the projected increase in people requiring aged care in the next 5 to 10 years, providers need both short term solutions, and long term strategies to avoid a crisis.

The solution is surprisingly simple

Global Talent Agency is deploying high quality, skilled talent to help aged care providers complete their care teams and meet the new care staff quotas.

Our solution provides a holistic framework for attracting, preparing, recruiting, onboarding and settling candidates specifically for aged care providers.

This process has been created to make the process of international recruitment as seamless as possible for employers. We take care of finding and preparing suitable candidates, the immigration and visa process as well as onboarding and settling people in their new role, and life in Australia.

Our mission goes
further than that

Through our years of experience in international recruitment, we know people are predisposed to certain kinds of work. Whether culturally or personally, they have a natural affinity towards particular roles or industries.

Global Talent Agency has created a set of criteria to help us find people who not only have the right skill base, but who are passionate about caring for others and who have the ability to elevate the services of aged care providers – simply by doing what they love to do.

This means we are not only looking for candidates who meet the required skillset, we are also making sure they have everything they need to make a successful  transition to Australia and excel in their new position as part of an aged care team.

How we help aged
care providers

Workforce planning and strategy

International talent mapping

International recruitment

Onboarding and settlement

POLO Philippines exit service
(where applicable)

The benefits for
aged care providers


Always have a
complete care team

Reduce reliance on agency and casual staff providing inconsistent quality of care


Substantially Improved
retention rates

Our average attrition rate is 6-7% compared to the industry benchmark of up to 60%.



Our selection criteria goes beyond skills and experience, we look for passion and the personal qualities which contribute to exceptional care skills.



Beyond helping to solve staffing issues in aged care, we aim to create diverse and culturally rich communities of people who are involved, included and able to contribute so everyone experiences a more fulfilled life.


Bespoke care teams for
specific demographics

Where we can, we look at the demographic profile of your aged care residents so we can culturally best-match your care team. This significantly increases the carer-resident engagement and creates clearer communication between care staff for better health and wellbeing outcomes.

Our partnership

Our partnership philosophy encompasses our candidates, our recruitment consultants and you, our clients.

People and how they are cared for are at the heart of Global Talent Agency. We are deeply committed to creating supportive, inclusive and secure pathways for candidates so they can confidently resettle in Australia as valued and productive members of your care team.

Our recruitment solution is a balance between the skills you need, the pathway for candidates, and the wellbeing of your team

At Global Talent Agency we know when people are engaged in work they are passionate about, are supported in their workplace, and are part of an inclusive community, they are happier, healthier and more fulfilled.
The criteria we use to select our clients and partners means everyone we work with understands and embraces the same values.

Our guarantee

We guarantee if the talent exists we will find it, and if it doesn’t exist we will create it.


Where do your candidates come from?

GTA has global talent sourcing hubs in strategic locations around the world. We source from countries best suited to your specific needs and culture.

What qualifications do your aged care candidates have, and are they transferable to Australia?

We ensure candidates have the skills and qualifications required for the role we are recruiting for. They will have a mix of experience, qualifications and certification including Certificate III in Aged Care.

How does the Temporary Skills Shortage visa (482) work for aged care providers?

Aged care providers are able to employ international skilled talent to fill roles they are unable to fill with skilled people from Australia under the TSS visa. However there are a range of visas and visa programs which may be more suitable for your requirements. Part of our strategic approach involves finding the right pathways for candidates through our sister company, The Migration Agency.

What kind of aged care providers do you work with?

Our ideal partners are aged care providers who are invested in creating a team of care workers who are passionate about the work they do, have the skills to meet or exceed Australian Aged Care Standards and fair work guidelines. These organisations embrace diversity, nurture talent with upskilling opportunities, and provide community support.

How long does it take to recruit and place international candidates?

Initially it takes approximately three to four months to get people onto your team. When we work with you strategically, to both solve your immediate staffing issues as well as help you plan for your future needs, we are able to greatly reduce the timeframe and provide a more ‘just in time’ solution and a more seamless process.

About Global
Talent Agency

We are global talent management specialists with expertise in international talent sourcing, recruitment, immigration and mobility. It is through our wealth of experience across many sectors and industries that our team connects top global talent to great Australian businesses.

Global Talent Agency is an Aged & Community Care Providers Association (ACCPA) trusted partner.

Amit Thapa

Amit Thapa is a visionary and the founder of Global Talent Agency.

He is a strong advocate for global talent solutions to address workforce diversity, labour shortages and global welfare measures. Amit is dedicated to enabling great Australian Businesses and skilled international talent to deliver their unique value to the world.

As an established thought leader, advocate, and authority in the realm of international talent mobility. Amit is a sought-after keynote speaker, advocate at prominent international mobility forums, Universities career fairs and international talent fairs.

Amit is deeply passionate about making the world a better place through philanthropic initiatives; building schools for underprivileged and talented children. He also sits on the board of a number of international charities.

Amit contributed 4 years in his earlier career at the University of Sydney as a tutor, mentor, researcher in the areas of International HR relations and strategies to Australasia’s future HR professionals. Over his career, Amit has played pivotal roles in leading, designing and solving HR and Talent solutions for globally renowned brands.

He holds a Master of Human Resources and International Relations with distinction and a Bachelor of Economics.

Sarah Thapa

Sarah Thapa is an award-winning immigration lawyer and CEO of The Migration Agency, an immigration firm supporting growing businesses and individuals seeking quality migration solutions.

Sarah has extensive experience helping organisations to establish strategic immigration programs, including complex and bespoke programs negotiated with the Department of Home Affairs.

Sarah is also an advisor to State Governments and peak industry bodies on policies relating to the attraction of new foreign investment, innovation, and skills to Australia, and has worked extensively in the area of employer sponsored and global talent visa programs.