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The labour market is increasingly globalised and the best people to work in your business will not necessarily be on your doorstep. Which is why an international approach to talent sourcing is relevant to all businesses regardless of size.

Your global talent strategy can open a new world of opportunities when you connect highly skilled and talented individuals from all corners of the globe to great businesses locally.It’s about finding the best person for the job.

We can help you with

  • Workforce planning & strategy
  • International Recruitment
  • POLO Philippines Exit services (for businesses intending to hire skilled talent from the Philippines)
  • Onboarding and Settlement
  • Employer of Record
  • Contractor workforce
  • On-hire visa sponsorship

Within our group of companies, we have a specialist immigration practice, The Migration Agency, that manages all aspects of talent mobility and immigration from designing and implementing strategic immigration programs, talent mapping and creating visa pathways for candidates. This unique end-to-end nature of our business means that you are guaranteed to secure the great talent with the necessary skills to onboard your new employees successfully into Australia.

Working together, our bespoke solutions empower businesses to:

  • Gain global and industry-specific insights available through our unique position as a one-stop shop for all things global talent management.
  • Capitalise on global talent and immigration opportunities that support growth.
  • Identify global markets from which highly skilled professionals can be accessed to address your needs.
  • Join forces with professionals who have international networks and capability, who become an extension of your team.

Let’s get it right for you

We have designed a successful and detailed process that we follow in order to source the best candidate for your business – and we have a 100% client-satisfaction rate.


    1 Strategy

    We develop a unique global talent strategy for your business, identifying global markets from which highly skilled professionals can be accessed to solve local needs.


    2 Source

    We source candidates with suitable skills and experience from multiple appropriate markets for the best-fit shortlist of people who are work-ready for Australia.


    3 Selection

    We utilise the latest in tools and technologies to offer an “evidence-based” approach, which is more successful in selecting the right fit for you as an employer or employee.


    4 Support

    We provide integrated immigration solutions at every stage of the process, managing the visa grant, compliance and relocation support.


    5 Success

    Successfully settling and on-boarding your talent into the company and the community.

Our client success studies

How we helped build a talent pipeline for our healthcare client

  • Background:

    A healthcare provider approached us for assistance with recruitment. They were consistently publishing job advertisements on every job board in Australia, seeking specialist healthcare workers with Australian registration, numerous years of relevant experience in their specialisation to fill skills shortages in their business.

  • Solution:

    We recognised this organisation needed a reliable pipeline of talent to draw from to meet immediate demand and grow their business. There was also an opportunity to improve the quality and experience of their candidates.

    We developed an international talent strategy based on the occupations and specialisations required by the business. We mapped out the international markets where the skilled workers were located and could be readily transferred to an Australian context, considering business requirements such as communication and company fit, legal requirements such as qualifications, skills and registration requirements, and the end-to-end mobility piece to have that person relocated to Australia and ready for work.

  • Outcome:

    Now the healthcare company has an established program to sponsor top talent from around the world, with approval from the Department of Home Affairs to sponsor visa holders, and top talent available for them to draw on as and when they need it. This has enabled our client to acquire more and larger customer contracts, and expand from NSW into Victoria and Queensland.

Design an international sourcing program that grows business and people:

Frequently asked questions

Many businesses can be unsure and hesitant about international recruitment, immigration and relocation. But the Global Talent Agency is your clear voice and will work with you to design and implement an effective immigration program.

If you are ready to capitalise on the benefits highly skilled international talent brings, we can help you answer questions such as:

  • Where are the opportunities (and what don’t I know about international recruitment)?

    Not surprisingly, most businesses are unaware of just how well an international hire and immigration program can work for them. Most people don’t realise that international recruitment can be predicable and provide quality outcomes. Our immigration specialists are integrated into our team, so we can help any business determine if they qualify for sponsorship approval and determine the roles in your business where you can sponsor that wouldn’t otherwise be possible to fill without immigration.

    Global talent is about partnership and your recruiter is a business partner who understands your business objectives. This is critical to the success of the organisation.

  • How can a global talent and immigration strategy help me secure the resources I need?

    Smart, international recruitment and immigration strategy for business opens up a world of possibilities. With our vast international network, we help corporates and SMEs by identifying and accessing global talent pools rich in specialised skills needed for the Australian labour market to help you secure the right resources for your project and company.

  • How do we get through the confusing red tape around the visa application process?

    Immigration strategy can be manageable and deliver outstanding outcomes for businesses. With knowledge and experience where it counts, our recruiters understand the immigration criteria upfront to accurately qualify candidates for a role based on their suitability for the visa. Our eligibility assessments of each role to be filled reduces confusion and increases the likelihood of success – so you don’t need to worry about any “red tape”.

  • How do I access the best talent and immigration strategy advice if I’m a start-up needing highly specialised skills?

    Size should never be a limiting factor to accessing the best quality advice. Specialist consultants with relevant commercial experience and the power to act, together with Global Talent Agency’s fixed-fee pricing makes recruitment, immigration and relocation what it should be: Predictably rewarding.

  • Can I get a tailored international recruitment immigration strategy when there only seems to be ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions available?

    We work with businesses to devise bespoke global talent hiring strategies. Whatever the challenge, we’re up for it. With commercial smarts gained in the corporate, HR, recruitment, legal and commercial sector, our clients value the way we design and deliver solutions that truly work.

  • How can we fill roles quickly for large projects?

    Global companies face unique recruitment challenges, with major projects or customer contracts requiring quick access to a highly skilled workforce. We have helped clients create skill hubs from scratch, sourcing pools of highly skilled workers from around the globe.

    Whether its healthcare professionals needed for a brand new hospital, or engineers for a renewable energy project, we have you covered. Acting as part of your team, and with an understanding of the operating constraints, we can devise more complex, bespoke solutions, such as preparing customised agreements with the Department of Home Affairs, to help support your people - and grow your business.

    According to some of our clients, our ability to fill skills gaps and develop bespoke programs to attract top talent have given them a competitive advantage over other companies.

  • How can we - as an SME - compete for global talent when we don't have the big brand or name of a large corporate?

    Acting as your business partner, we can help SMEs gain a competitive advantage in the talent game by facilitating access to global talent markets. The big win for our SME clients? As an ambitious, growing company, they can leverage the Talent and immigration strategies usually only available for the big end of town.

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We want to see you have an impact as a great Australian business while helping you to build a meaningful workplace for your talent.

If you want to expand your business to get the best talent from every corner of the globe to grow your business and have more time, we can do great things together.

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