Our Story

Purpose led. People centred.
Committed to mobility and diversity

Just like you and your business, the Global Talent Agency team comes from diverse backgrounds to make up the fabric of our business and our approach to international recruiting.

One of those stories is reflected in Amit Thapa, the Global Talent Agency’s founder.

Hi, I’m Amit Thapa

I was born and raised in a small village in the Nepali Himalayas, and by the time I turned 9, I had said goodbye to my friends, my village to pursue my schooling.

Education and community support played a vital role in where I am today with 15 + years’ experience in international human resource management working with leading global brands such as Coles Myer, Travelex, American Express, IAG and Rabobank.

I’ve lived on both sides of the global talent coin. I’m an employer of talent and I’ve recruited international talent in my executive roles for global companies. But I’ve also been the global talent candidate who had a meaningful career in many parts of the world.

My passion has always been community and while my ultimate legacy is to help the people in my village in Nepal change their lives, helping employers and global talent connect to create new growth opportunities and global communities is how we help through the Global Talent Agency.

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Our People

We are global talent management specialists with expertise in international talent sourcing, recruitment, immigration and mobility. It is through our wealth of experience across many sectors and industries, that our team connects top global talent to Australian businesses.

We are your trusted partners and an extension of your team. 

Our exceptionally experienced partners in markets of demand provide an in-depth knowledge of their region and the talent being sourced. This places us in the best possible position to best address our clients’ most demanding issues and workforce needs.
Our strategically placed partners are located in:
East & South Africa
United Kingdom & Europe
The Americas
Asia & the Sub-Continent

Our Approach

We have a very different approach to global talent.

Seeing most international recruitment agencies take a transactional approach to global talent is heartbreaking when a personalised approach to connecting Australian business with highly skilled global talent is needed.

Knowing this and becoming an extension of the business as a trusted partner has allowed the Global Talent Agency to create an evidenced-based approach to international recruitment so only the best talent is matched with the best employer creating a win-win situation for the employers and the candidates. We help.

Now the benefits of clever global talent strategy aren’t left for the global giants and instead are on hand, with an experienced partner to guide you, regardless of your size.

Our candidates are highly skilled and mobile global citizens who range from managers to professionals, specialised technicians and tradespeople, and we pride ourselves on our unique Candidate Success Program, which includes best-practice techniques and tools for strategic planning, initial sourcing, screening, interviewing, work visas, relocation, orientation, and settlement.

Our Values

We provide the most comprehensive global talent solutions available in the market, but we can only do this because we stand by four specific values:

  • People at the heart – to be at the service of our customers with dignity.
  • Professionals with integrity – we do what we say we will do.
  • Innovative – we will find ways to break the stereotypes and status quo and be solutions-oriented for you.
  • Celebrating togetherness and diversity. Full stop.

Our Contribution

We believe we have the power to make a meaningful difference for real people and by working together, we can all help to make that difference too.

Our contribution to help people change their lives focuses on the education projects of FONA, a foundation started by Amit to rebuild his village of Purano Jhangajholi, Nepal after an earthquake.

Through FONA we have dedicated ourselves to planning, collaborating and building a plan for what we believe will serve as a template for education in remote Nepal. Our investment will provide world-class education to foster future generations to unleash their full potential.

It is through our strategic partnership with FONA that we can deliver on the promise of creating a better world. Over and above our contributions and work with FONA, a portion of our profits go to support projects like this.

Positively impacting

the world, together

We care about the positive impact we create for employers and candidates. Our motto is a candidate placed is a life changed, while helping companies to build a diverse and meaningful workplace.

If you want to expand your business and gain a competitive advantage with the best talent from anywhere in the world, we can do great things together.

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