POLO Services

Helping you with POLO requirements for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW)

POLO Services

Helping you with POLO requirements for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW)

POLO Services

Helping you with POLO requirements for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW)

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Global Talent Agency are a preferred partner to the Philippines Overseas Labour Office (POLO) in Australia and New Zealand

Becoming an Accredited Employer involves navigating complex legal frameworks and meeting strict compliance requirements, which can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

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Our Expertise:

  • Extensive knowledge of local laws and regulations.
  • We can navigate and manage the entire process on your behalf.

Time-Saving Benefits:

  • With our assistance, achieving Accredited Employer status can take just a few weeks. This is a significant time-saving compared to the months it may take if done independently.

Partnership Benefits:

  • Saves time and minimises challenges
  • Ensures transparent recruitment
  • Facilitates the smooth arrival of your Filipino employees in Australia.

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The Philippines have been a prolific source of skilled talent for Australian businesses and across the globe.

Given the abundance of qualified professionals in fields like nursing, care workers, allied health like occupational therapists, engineering, mining, IT, and hospitality in the Philippines, and proficiency in English, Filipinos are attractive candidates to help fill Australia’s skills gap to help grow our economy.

What is the exit requirement for skilled Filipino talent?

The Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) is one of the mandatory exit requirements for Filipinos intending to work overseas. Australian businesses intending to hire Filipino talent must obtain OECs from the Philippine Overseas Labour Office (POLO), now known as the Department of Migrant Workers.

POLO was set up by the Philippine government in each country to provide surety to all parties, including the government, labour agents and the worker that the Filipino worker will be treated to a standard required by the Philippines Government.

Before a business can obtain OECs for their Filipino candidates, they need to be approved as an Accredited Employer by POLO. As the process is not simple, an employer should partner with an agency that can ensure compliance with the requirements of POLO to secure the accreditation.

Our Step By Step POLO Employer Accreditation Process

  • 1 Identifying the jobs needed

  • 2 Collating Documentation

  • 3 Philippine Embassy review and approval

  • 4 Submission to the POEA

Once the POLO Accreditation is set up for you it will take us approximately one to two weeks to obtain an OEC for your employee.

Our service does not stop there, we also provide world class onboarding experience which include mandatory orientation, dispute resolution and ongoing support for you and your employee.


We come highly recommended for POEA and OEC services. Our existing clients include:

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