Change your life

with a career in Australia

At the heart of every great Australian business lies a group of people who are more than talent, they are the most valuable part of your business and growth strategy.

Australia’s bright future lies in being a dynamic, inclusive country, connecting global talent with great businesses.

This creates an impact.

As a highly skilled global citizen, your dreams are realistic and achievable.

We have been in your shoes and now we want to open up a world of opportunities for you too.

We understand

your aspirations

We know your aspirations. We know you want to explore the world and migrate with dignity where skills are recognised and valued, and we exist to connect your dreams with outstanding opportunities.

  • We take you and your dreams seriously.
  • We will be there for you and your family.
  • We will take care of you by providing an end-to-end service.
  • We will help you setup for success in your new country.

We understand what you, as a candidate, will go through. It will be one of the biggest decisions you make in your career and life.

It is exciting but also nerve-wracking – and we know this because our team and clients have also moved countries and continents for their career, leaving their homeland and family to pursue a better life.

That is why we care for and respect you as a valued client to ensure you are well supported and set up for a successful career and life in Australia.

Making it easier

to start your new life

The Global Talent Agency makes it easier for you to start your new job and life in Australia.

We provide the most comprehensive solutions available, managing the end-to-end process with the utmost care and consideration for you.

We pride ourselves on our unique Candidate Success Program, which includes best-practice techniques and tools for strategic planning, initial sourcing, screening, interviewing, work visas, relocation, orientation and settlement.

Our proven 5-step process

will help change your life


    1 Strategy

    Positioning yourself and giving you confidence in the international talent process by having the right solutions in place from the very beginning to secure your dream role with a great Australian business.


    2 Source

    Sourcing quality roles for you, in multiple and appropriate markets, to deliver you with the best-fit shortlist and make sure you are paid what you are worth.


    3 Support

    Smart immigration solutions, Visa management, compliance and personal support. We understand the immigration system, which saves you time and money.


    4 Selection

    Our “evidence-based recruitment” methodology makes our process substantially more effective at selecting the right-fit position and career move for you. We work with you on your success in the role, company and community.


    5 Success

    Successfully onboarding you into your chosen company and your new community.

Let’s positively impact

the world together

We care about the positive impact we create for employers and candidates. Our motto is a candidate placed is a life changed, while helping companies to build a diverse and meaningful workplace.

If you want to expand your career and gain a competitive advantage with a great Australian employer, check out our jobs section and apply today.

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