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Global talent – the key to unlocking your business potential

Successful businesses know that the quality of their talent is what makes their companies thrive. As Australia’s skills shortage is amplified in the wake of COVID, the hiring market becomes increasingly competitive. The next talented team members, whose expertise can take your business to the next level, may not be on your front doorstep. 

International recruitment expert Amit Thapa, CEO of Global Talent Agency, explains how you can not only stabilise your business, but establish the foundations for growth with the right global talent hiring strategy. 

Why businesses should think globally about talent 

Australia has a growing economy, but an ageing workforce. Certain industries, such as allied health, engineering and trade are struggling to identify the workforce necessary to provide best in practice service to their clients. Without the right people, businesses in these sectors are also held back from expanding and winning new business. 

Many Australian companies are exhausting their hiring options locally. “For example, a family aged care business may have 10 carer roles to fill. They have tried their network, local recruiters, SEEK and the candidates just aren’t there,” said Amit.

“The result is their team is exhausted and may be looking to move on and the owner has no capacity to elevate from the day-to-day function of the business.

“Skilled talent such as specialised engineers, IT professionals and highly trained occupational therapists, among others, are available all over the world. Many people with these skills are attracted to the Australian lifestyle and work opportunities.

“Local companies should tap into this resource and the Global Talent Agency has the means to help them seize this opportunity.” 

Busting common myths about international candidates

“Some employers may think that international recruitment involves finding a candidate on LinkedIn and inviting them to Australia,” said Amit. “In fact, identifying talent is only 10% to 25% of the work. 

“Part of the process is understanding which candidates will qualify to work and obtain a visa to Australia. The remainder of the international recruitment process is taking the candidate on the journey of migration and settlement in Australia. Making a comfortable life in Australia ensures they stay for the long term – translating into a return on investment for the business.”

There is also a perception among some employers that a migrant workforce is an opportunity to circumvent paying the Australian market rate. Amit explained that as a values-based business, the Global Talent Agency works to develop trust and create placements which will last. 

“Fair working conditions create a reciprocal relationship that empowers employees to commit to their workplaces. They will want to go the extra mile: pick up new skills, generate new ideas and support their colleagues,” said Amit.

“It’s not only a matter of ethics: a trusting relationship makes good business sense.”

While global talent is a financial investment, Global Talent Agency’s payment structure minimises risk to the business. Clients pay nothing up front – 30% when the candidate is secured and the balance once they arrive in Australia. 

“Humans are social and emotional beings. Businesses need to commit to helping international candidates settle in Australia. Global Talent Agency manages this process for both employers and candidates helping people realise their potential and stay for the long term.”

Benefits of an exclusively international recruitment service

While many large recruiters have offices in other countries, they generally don’t work cross-borders to source overseas candidates for Australian business. Global Talent Agency is the only agency that focuses on international recruitment exclusively. Its single proposition is addressing the Australian talent shortage in critical sectors and supporting local businesses to harness the global workforce. 

“90% of the candidates we work with are in their 30s. They have some great experience, but are growing their careers,” said Amit. “We look for candidates who are curious and focused.

“We specialise in identifying people ,who are not only smart, but can think laterally and translate their diverse experiences into solutions in an Australian context.” 

Amit believes that diversity in the workplace makes good business sense. “What we need to be thinking about is genuine cultural diversity. This is a commercial asset,” said Amit. 

“The tangible differences of approach and skills that international people bring to their roles, can have a transformative impact on a business.”

Commitment to future growth

Global Talent Agency works across several critical industries including healthcare, allied health, engineering, trades and IT. They have placed skilled professionals from South Africa to India and the Philippines.

Amit believes that good talent can come from anywhere saying the trick is recognising the elements that set it apart. “It is an amazing privilege to be connected to future talent, wherever it may be,” said Amit. 

Further to GTA’s values of care and compassion, 20% of profits are invested in local and international community projects. One of these is building an innovative Education Centre of Excellence for children in his home country of Nepal. “This is one way we can empower kids to develop careers that enable them to benefit from the global economy.”

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