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The value of values

Our Recruitment Business Partner Liona, from our South Africa office, shares some of her reflections on what makes a company great to work for – from living values to professional growth and work life balance.

Living values

The Global Talent Agency’s values and demonstration of them is what drew Liona to join the Agency. From the moment she met Agency founder Amit, she was struck by his passion for the company’s mission to change lives.

By chance, Liona’s friend had been placed in her ideal physiotherapy role in Australia by the Global Talent Agency. After having a negative experience with a former recruiter, her friend was struck by the caring service she received from them. Her friend’s first-hand account cemented Liona’s decision to join the Global Talent Agency.

“They are very people-centred in all that they do. For them, it is truly about transforming people’s lives through their work,” she said.“We also do charity work in our communities as part of our roles. It’s lovely to be able to give back.”

Global citizens 

As a global company, Liona values the opportunities to connect with people from all over the world.

“We’re like a global family! It was wonderful to travel to Australia and spend 2.5 months working in the Sydney office last year,” Liona said.

“The Global Talent Agency is also respectful of local holidays so we can still celebrate where we’re from, while being part of a global team. We all feel included despite our cultural differences.”

Growing together

Liona appreciates the abundant professional development opportunities at the Global Talent Agency offers and has grown into a leadership role in her first year.

“The staff retreats, coaching and training I’ve received has been amazing for my professional growth and development,” Liona said. “Seeing the growth of my team members also is very rewarding. We’re well looked after here.”

Working to live

The Global Talent Agency offers 25 days annual leave to provide greater space for staff to do the things they love to do, outside of work.

“It’s great to work in an environment where they have your back and care for you,” Liona said. “They care about you succeeding and your happiness.”